Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pictures Of Boys Taking A Shower Why Do *some* Young Girls Post.....?

Why do *some* young girls post.....? - pictures of boys taking a shower

disturbing images ridiculously self over the network?

I have a younger sister who is not in the bloom of youth. As I watched I realized friends on Facebook had created in his image. Some pictures were his own or his friends go to the toilet, shower, walk in his underwear, etc.

In a photo of a girl to the bathroom, another to one in the upstairs shower, back and the other at half-naked dancing or sit in the bathroom sink. There were also two young men in the bathroom for this purpose.

I could not find these files in the profile of my sisters too. I have other photos of girls taking showers, pissing in the hallways, etc. in other Facebook pages.

IWe know that teenage/20-something all the girls are good, but many young people really think that rebel wild?


Awesome said...

That bothers me so much! Girls who try either to the attention of the boys win, or have no self-respect. If I were you I would talk with him and say negative things about something they do not (all), and when it tries to attract a man you want for all the wrong reasons.
Good Luck ~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~

LOLili(: said...

They are "at this moment in life, I'm 14 and I'm close, if not the same as" average teenager. I saw these pictures and others are really sick. All because they are not only physically but also mentally. Not (some not yet gone through puberty!) So, it's all about them trying to be fit and perceived by everyone. There are other possibilities.
As in high school and everything dissapoitning really see what our generation. I'm afraid to grow and might even leave the country if he is great.

jen said...

Facebook is private and can only see friends when you set the privacy options that way. I have many interesting photos from my facebook and I do not know, guys, the labels, if they let me go. But what you said about them urinate very strange is that I do not know why you want pictures of him.

honest answers said...

I'm going to thumbs down for this but its what I think.

They are hungry attention, because their parents are too busy to work or do their own things to pay attention to their children.

I also noticed that children are especially whites who do it (honestly, nothing) for the offense.

Keeping the ethnic majority of the family, their children on a short-term lease to (ok, but not all decent). They live in a close-knit community with families and know that their parents are aware and do not agree not to do so.

Blaaah!! said...

Yes, unfortunately: (I'm totally agree with you. I really do not know why the girl is. My opinion is that they think makes them look hot or something. Thus they feel good because some other "cool" or do "popular" girls the same. You want to flash around the body for boys, perhaps.

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